28 februari 2011

Other things I like to do, part three

I really love to bake. I like to cook as well, but I also really love to eat cake ;)

Here are some pictures of stuff I've baked this year. I actually have a few of these marble cupcakes left in my fridge that I'll probably have with my coffee tomorrow...

 Vanilla and chocolate marble cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting.

Lately, I've been cutting out eggs and dairy from my diet. That also means I need to rethink how I bake! So many cakes rely on eggs for consistency texture, like brownies; whipped cream for topping, like my favourite Swedish cream cake that I usually make for my birthday; or cream cheese for texture and taste, like cheese cakes and topping for carrot cakes.

Brownies, packed with chocolate and walnuts. 

It's not all bad, though. I'm learing new tricks, like making buttercream frosting. I actually started making cupcakes after, with the help of the brilliant "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World". I had to look for an all new brownie recipe, and found one that turned out to be a real winner (although I did add more chocolate and nuts than in the original, and a pinch of instant coffee powder).

Tiramisú cupcakes

Do I have any sort of goal or purpose with my baking? Well, I'd like to get better at piping the topping on the cupcakes. It may be that I need to change the consistency of the topping a bit, make it softer, prehaps? I'd also like to learn more about baking without eggs, and really, having fresh, sort of healthier baked goods at home is rather nice, almost a goal in itself. And now that the subject has been introduced, I might blog about my baking endevours from time to time. How about that?

22 februari 2011

Commissioned Earrings and Four Day Sale

I'm having a four day blitz sale in my ArtFire shop! Use the code "SaleSaleSale" to get 25% off all jewellery pieces.

Last week, I finished a pair of gorgeous large, rainbow gem hoops that were a commission from a customer in Canada.

Including the hooks, they are almost 7 cms or 3", and each hoop contains over 40 rondelles in 8 different gemstones: rainbow moonstone, apatite, peridot, citrine, carnelian, almadine and rhodolite garnet, amethyst and iolite.

I have a pair of hoops similar to these in the shop. They are true hoops, without separate hook. If you like the look of these, check them out!

Apart from this, I haven't been working much on jewellery lately, instead focusing my creativity on trying out new baking recipes. I will probably post a few pictures of that in my next post!