22 november 2010

What's in My Jewellery Box?

To sort of get back on track with blogging, I figured I'd start out easy by writing about some of the jewellery I've collected from jewellery making friends around the world. I was inspired to do this by recent blog posts by Sirpa and Catherine, who both make the most lovely jewellery you can imagine.

The first jewellery I bought from a fellow jewellery maker was a gorgeous, large labradorite ring made by Tamara McFarland. She makes ethical jewellery and now only uses stones from fair trade sources, which I really admire. I also have a labradorite necklace she made, but unfortunately, I have no good picture of that. I'm actually wearing it in my profile picture, but it's not close enough to see.

After that came the gorgeous necklace from Wendy at Fuss Jewelry. Wow. It's a large smoky quartz briolette pendant with a pink amethyst gemstone flower, one of her signature designs.

I have a pair of cute earrings that Anna-Karin at BlackDaisyDesign made, back in the (wire wrapping) day:

And I have a small collection of treasures from the lovely Jo of Gemheaven. This pair of everyday spectrolite earrings are one of my favourites!

I also especially love this set of trailing vines earrings and bellflower pendant that she custom made for me!

Last but not least, my go to jewellery of choice comes from Ginger, the wonderful MsBelle. She has the most gorgeous gemstones ever, and her craftsmanship is impeccable! I have a garnet pendant and a earring and necklace set with moss aquamarines that I got from her. Ginger, just so you know, I wear these earrings all the time and I looove them!

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  1. Gorgeous selection. And I remember that Moss aquamarine set from Ginger... I drooled over it too. And if it hadn't been gold... I would've fought you for them. LMAO
    Those aquamarines are to-die-for.

  2. Thank you Anna-Karin! Yes, I made a really quick decision when I first saw them, thank goodness! They are so lovely in person.

  3. Such a wonderful collection you have Lotta!! You're a lucky girl!! And I'm so honored to be included in here with all these other talented lades. :)


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