23 november 2010

Other things I like to do, part one

I really, really like my camera, and in summer, I enjoy taking pictures of different flowers I happen upon. Here are some pictures I took this summer. Most of them were taken in or around Berlin. I love what you can find in unexpected places, like the poppies growing in the space between the pavement and the run down factory wall on a random street, or the extravagant, heavy blooms of purple, pink and blue hydrangeas in a garden in Köpenick, once a city in it's own right, now an outer part of Berlin. The lovely clematis is from our balcony, and the lilies and roses are from the small allotment garden of a friend of ours that we visit sometimes.

Notice the factory or office like building in the background? I forget where I took this photo, but I like the contrast it gives!

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