24 december 2010

Last Minute Commissions and Last Week's Earrings

I'm up preparing last minute gifts, and the 23rd has slipped into the 24th, the day for gifts and celebration in Germany, where I live, and in Sweden, where I'm from. As I'm waiting for the last CDs to finish, I'm posting pictures of my last creations.

First, a commissioned rush order: A wire pendant necklace with citrines, the birthstone for November. This one has shipped to a customer in Sweden. I hope it gets there before New Year's Eve, and that she'll be pleased with the results.

Then a pair of clustered gemmy chandelier style earrings in pink. The gems in these are really superb! Gorgeously translucent rose quartz and pink rhodolite garnets. Yum! The earrings are petite and would work in even the most fancy situations. They are for sale in my ArtFire shop.

The Holidays are keeping me up later than usual. Yesterday, I was up late making truffles, and today it was cookies. Maybe I can get a few good pictures of that tomorrow ;-) But now I hope the CDs are finally done so that I can go to bed.

Merry Christmas!

PS: My ArtFire Sale is running until the 25th. You can find details on my Facebook page.

07 december 2010

New in the Shop this week

I added lots of jewellery to my ArtFire shop these last 7 days, for instance the earrings below. I've been making simple gemstone earrings with hammered, textured or twisted sterling silver rings, and I think they look pretty good, if I say so myself. You might recognise the rose quartz earrings from the last post - I took some new pictures after tumbling that I felt were much better.

01 december 2010

Holidays Coming Up!

The Holidays are coming up. Have you started shopping for gifts yet? Perhaps you plan ahead and have already finished yours? To be honest with you, I haven't even started yet, but I'm thinking about what to get. I usually make many of my gifts, and I hope to do that this year as well. A shoulder bag for my eldest, a piece of jewellery for my mother in law, a knit shawl for my youngest. Let's just hope I have the time for it! As I should have guessed, I have been swamped with work right up until the week before Christmas that will keep me very busy indeed. For some reason, translation work tends to turn up in time for the Holidays – it was the same last year. But as I could always use extra money for presents, who am I to complain, right?

I made these two pairs of earrings last week. They still need to go into the tumbler, but the light was good so I photographed them anyway, just because. They are both very pastel and quite lovely. I will add them to my ArtFire shop, hopefully tonight.

 Textured sterling silver rings and fine quality 9mm rose quartz button rondelles. 30mm long.
Aquamarine roundelles (roundish rondelles) with Fair Trade fine silver Hill Tribe rings. 40mm long.
 If you want to order something in time for Christmas, these are my shipping times. Please be aware that they are based on regular shipping times and that I cannot control the Post, however much I would like to!
Germany: Last order date is on the 20st of December.
Europe: Last order date is on the 15th of December
International: Last order date is on the 10th of December
Finally, I wanted to let you know that I'm having an offer up on my Facebook fan page. If you use the code "FB20XMAS" (without the quotes) at checkout when shopping in my ArtFire shop, you'll receive a 20% discount! On top of that, shipping is free! This offer expires on Christmas Day.
As they say in German, have a great Vorweihnachtszeit! That is, have a great time-leading-up-to-Christmas!

23 november 2010

Other things I like to do, part one

I really, really like my camera, and in summer, I enjoy taking pictures of different flowers I happen upon. Here are some pictures I took this summer. Most of them were taken in or around Berlin. I love what you can find in unexpected places, like the poppies growing in the space between the pavement and the run down factory wall on a random street, or the extravagant, heavy blooms of purple, pink and blue hydrangeas in a garden in Köpenick, once a city in it's own right, now an outer part of Berlin. The lovely clematis is from our balcony, and the lilies and roses are from the small allotment garden of a friend of ours that we visit sometimes.

Notice the factory or office like building in the background? I forget where I took this photo, but I like the contrast it gives!

22 november 2010

What's in My Jewellery Box?

To sort of get back on track with blogging, I figured I'd start out easy by writing about some of the jewellery I've collected from jewellery making friends around the world. I was inspired to do this by recent blog posts by Sirpa and Catherine, who both make the most lovely jewellery you can imagine.

The first jewellery I bought from a fellow jewellery maker was a gorgeous, large labradorite ring made by Tamara McFarland. She makes ethical jewellery and now only uses stones from fair trade sources, which I really admire. I also have a labradorite necklace she made, but unfortunately, I have no good picture of that. I'm actually wearing it in my profile picture, but it's not close enough to see.

After that came the gorgeous necklace from Wendy at Fuss Jewelry. Wow. It's a large smoky quartz briolette pendant with a pink amethyst gemstone flower, one of her signature designs.

I have a pair of cute earrings that Anna-Karin at BlackDaisyDesign made, back in the (wire wrapping) day:

And I have a small collection of treasures from the lovely Jo of Gemheaven. This pair of everyday spectrolite earrings are one of my favourites!

I also especially love this set of trailing vines earrings and bellflower pendant that she custom made for me!

Last but not least, my go to jewellery of choice comes from Ginger, the wonderful MsBelle. She has the most gorgeous gemstones ever, and her craftsmanship is impeccable! I have a garnet pendant and a earring and necklace set with moss aquamarines that I got from her. Ginger, just so you know, I wear these earrings all the time and I looove them!