19 juni 2009

09 juni 2009

Hängsmycke i silver med labradorit

Pendant in Sterling silver with LabradoriteHängsmycke i silver med labradorit

Writing for the Search Engines

Last week I went to a free lecture called "Writing for the Search Engines", held by a company specialising in search engine optimization. It discussed how to get your web page higher in the Google search results. I thought I'd share the main points, as I found them to be fairly straight forward and good to keep in mind for all of us who sell online.
  • Research your keywords
What words are relevant to what you sell? Which keywords do internet users search for? There are free online tools for this, for example the Google Keyword Analysis tool that you can find at http://adwords.google.com/
  • Try it out
Try different keywords to see what works!

  • Analyze!
Register for Google Analytics to analyse the results.

When you know what your most important keywords are, use them on your web page. In the URL (if possible), in the page title, in the text. If you sell pendants, your page title (the part that’s visible in the title bar of the browser) shouldn’t be "Welcome to my page" – it should, however, contain the word "Pendants"! It’s also a good idea to have the important keywords in internal links – for example "Our handmade pendants" instead of "Our products".

This is just a very short summary, but I hope these tips can be of some help to you in your online business!

03 juni 2009


Cocktailring i silver med sötvattenpärla

Cocktailring i silver med staplade pärlemorknappar

I fredags var jag så upptagen med att brottas med silvertråd som inte ville göra som jag ville så att jag missade att skriva nåt i bloggen. Här kommer i alla fall bilder på två ringar som jag gjorde på eftermiddagen och som snart finns tillgängliga i min Etsy-butik. En romantisk ring med vit pärla med fantastisk lyster och en ring av återvunna pärlemorknappar som jag fyndade på en lokal loppis för ett par månader sedan.


Handmade Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring with Freshwater Pearl
Handmade Sterling Silver Ring with Mother of Pearl ButtonsLast Friday I was so busy messing up a design that I forgot to write a blog post. Well, here's a belated post! Apart from the design that didn't want too behave like I wanted it to, I made a couple of rings that will soon both be available in my Etsy shop. One romantic nest ring, this time with a gorgeously white and lustrous pearl, and one with stacked re purposed vintage mother-of-pearl buttons. As a kid, I always loved sorting through the buttons in my grandmother's sewing cupboard, and this ring reminds me of those times.