08 maj 2009

What's up?

Things have been rather quiet in my webshop and in my Etsy shop. I have been creating jewellery regularly, but not listing much. There are a couple of reasons for this: I have been thinking about quitting Etsy and focusing my energies on my own webshop. For several reasons. Mainly because I want to attract local customers in Sweden, and the whole currency thing on Etsy is not ideal for this. But then I had some problems with extended characters (åäö) not showing properly in my webshop, which made listing there a bit of a hassle. I still have not found the solution to this, and I really am loath to reinstall just to get this fixed, especially since Hannah put in a lot of work to make customizations for me.

I think I have decided not to quit Etsy, especially since launching my tutorial and selling quite a few of them there. But I have been thinking a lot lately on what sort of jewellery to list on Etsy and what sort of jewellery to list in my own webshop, and I think I'm slowly coming to some sort of conclusion. And after that, I need to create more pieces to list :-)

On the picture above is a pair of diamond and spinel ear posts. They are actually rather small, but the close up makes them look bigger. They will probably be my next tutorial project.

I wish you a wonderful weekend!

5 kommentarer:

  1. These are gorgeous Lotta :) I have found having my own webshop and Etsy works nicely side by side :)

  2. Thank you Jo! Do you have a strategy for what sort of jewellery to list where?

  3. I can understand the dilemma you have with Etsy. I've been wondering what to do myself, but I don't have the time to run my own web shop. I really hope this works out for you, your designs deserve to be seen!


  4. Those are sooooo gorgeous!! I'd give anything to be able to do that kind of wrapping. I admire you so much (and Jo and the rest) for your talents! Beautiful work!

  5. Thank you, Katja, dear friend! I will keep you updated :-)

    Thank you for your sweet words, Ginger! I do enjoy wire wrapping, but preferably smaller pieces :-) You do beautiful work, too.


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