15 maj 2009

Hardware Store Necklaces

I have been making pendants using slightly rusty, vintage keys today. I'm calling them Hardware Store Necklaces and they are a part of my Hardware Store Jewellery line. Not sure what else will be featured there yet, but I figure I'll use at least some vintage components in each piece.

Key pendant with handmade copper toggle clasp, sodalite beads, gun metal coloured base metal ball chain

Key pendant with hammered copper rectangle and sodalite bead, gun metal coloured base metal ball chain

Key pendant on sterling silver ring, sodalite and sterling silver bead cluster, gun metal coloured base metal ball chain

I'm also reshooting a lot of my jewellery for a more uniform look. Being a transator, I found the dictionary a suitable background.

2 kommentarer:

  1. A crowded girl with a crowded life17 maj, 2009 20:59

    man oh man I wish I could find a heap of vintage keys. that is so cool

  2. I got two of these on Etsy, and the third (shiny) one I found at a local flee market. Search "vintage" and "Key" on Etsy, I'm sure you'll find something suitable :-)


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