12 mars 2009

Creative Fridays

I have decided to try something new for my jewellery (ad)venture - Creative Fridays. That means I have decided to only do creative things on Fridays (mostly jewellery related) instead of going to the office. It feels liberating! Today is my first Creative Friday, and I already have a long list of creative tasks that I want to go through. The first is posting this to let you know about it :-)

Up until now, I always found it difficult to know how to split my time in a good way between the translations that are my bread and butter work and the jewellery that gives nutritioun to my soul. As a result, I never really had time for jewellery, except late at night when everyone else was asleep, and when I really should have been as well. And I found it difficult to concentrate on my day job, because of the ideas swimming in my mind. This way, I hope to have more creative time, and more focus when I'm at work.

The pendant above is a result of my Wednesday evening silversmithing class. A lovely, pink 5 mm facetted amethyst is bezel set on a hammered sterling silver pendant.

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  1. A crowded girl with a crowded life14 mars, 2009 16:58

    Your plan to create more is incredibly sensible! Your work is too nice to suffer for work time! Let us know how it goes.

  2. Thank you for those sweet words, Erin! I will definitely keep you updated :-)


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