29 januari 2009

Tagged by Katja

I was tagged by Katja on Flickr to tell 16 facts about myself. Apparently, I was also supposed to tag another unknown number of persons, but the tagging spread like wild, and before I knew it, everyone in my list was already tagged by someone else.

Anyway, here goes:

1) I'm a freelance translator. The picture is my security card from when I worked (briefly) as a translator with IBM in Kista, Sweden, about 7 years ago.

2) I speak Swedish, English and German fluently.

3) I'm a vegetarian, most of the time. I sometimes cheat and eat fish, but it's not something I'm proud of.

4) I love books. I love reading books. I love owning books. I love buying books. I love borrowing books from the library. Only, I prefer them in the original, if possible. And no, I don't translate books.

5) I'd really like to learn more languages. I took an evening class in Dutch about 8 years ago, but they don't have those where I live now, and my day doesn't have that many hours.

6) I love cooking and baking, but find I'm not very good at doing it together with the children. I'm not a very neat person, but I want things done my way when I'm in the kitchen.

7) I would like to learn more about Indian and Thai cooking. I love the spicyness!

8) I'd like to travel more, but I'm limited by economy and environmental bad conscience. I hope that our family will someday be able to take several months off and travel the world.

9) I like sunny, warm weather, but like to enjoy it while sitting in the shade.

10) I haven't had short hair since childhood.

11) I'm a very lazy, comfort loving person.

12) I used to work for WeightWatchers (for over 2 years)

13) I was politically active in my mid-teens. Strangely enough, it ended around the time when I became old enough to vote - not that I think that's the reason.

14) I don't like calling people up on the phone, I prefer e-mail and text messages. I don't mind people calling me up, though.

15) I wish we would move to Berlin (where my hb's from). He's more hesitant than I am, but we are planning a temporary move there end of the year. I'm already looking for flats on the Internet.

16) I don't remember when I last wrote down so many things about myself.

(Originally, as you can see here, I added two 5) by mistake, but I removed one here. That does not mean I don't love my children, just so you know!)

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