08 augusti 2007

About me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Lotta, and this is a place where I show and write about my jewellery. Please leave a comment or mail me! You can also visit my Etsy shop or my Swedish blog.

My jewellery is hand made or assembled by me with Sterling silver wire, semi precious gemstone beads, freshwater pearls and silver beads from Bali and Thailand. I love to make pretty jewellery of sterling silver wire and semi-precious beads. Most pieces are one of a kind-ish. Since I have a day job and two children under 4, the time I get to spend with the wire and beads is limited and I have to make the most of it.

I get my inspiration from the beads themselves, from other jewellery artist (though I am reluctant to call myself an artist), from the ideas of my customers. All metals are Sterling silver, unless otherwise stated and the jewellery can be delivered in a box, ready to be gifted to you or someone else.

The name "Silverknuten" means "the silver knot" in Swedish and is a play on words based on my last name, that translated into English means "Knots". Incidentally, Silverknuten is also the name of a hill in Sweden not so far from where I live where there used to be a silver mine. I didn’t know that when I chose the name, but I think it’s kind of nice.

My wish is to make jewellery that you will want to wear year after year, that look good when you are casual as well as when you are all dressed up. All metals are Sterling silver or fine silver unless otherwise stated and the jewellery is delivered in a box, ready to be gifted to you or someone else.

Please stay a while! Comments are appreciated.

Yours, Lotta

Contact information: lotta@silverknuten.se

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  1. HI Lotta

    Thanks for the comment on my blog - I hope you see this :) Your jewellery is beautiful!

  2. am so impressed, will be back to see more soon,...

  3. Hi Angie, thanks for your comment! Please do come back :-)


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